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Spiders are unwanted guests in 2 out of every 3 homes. They don’t damage or harm homes, but their webs create messes and they bite. Depending on the type of spider, their bites can be life-threatening.

In Utah, wolf spiders, black widow spiders and hobo spiders are the most common spiders that are pests in homes and other buildings. Most homes in northern Utah have experienced spiders.

Wolf spiders are so named because they hunt their prey rather than trapping it in webs. They are commonly seen in the fall. Their bite is non-poisonous.

Black widow spiders are the most dangerous spiders to humans in Utah, with a bite that can be fatal. Bites most commonly occur in garages, sheds, and areas around the exterior of homes, so anyone working in those areas should wear thick gloves.

Hobo spiders lay eggs in the fall and hatch in late spring. They infest log and rock piles and other areas around houses and yards.  They like cracks, and holes in concrete, soil window wells. They are sometimes found in tubs and sinks, because they seek moisture. They can become trapped in laundry, bedding, shoes, toys or other objects on the floor. Their bite is not poisonous, but the site of a bite can become infected by bacteria.

At All Guard Pest Control we are experts in eradicating and treating spiders. If you have any spider problems, give us a call so we can diagnose the problem and treat your home or business for it. 

One-Time Service

Our one-time service plan is for sudden spider or other pest problems you spot that need to be eliminated quickly. You call, we come and assess the problem and eliminate it.

Quarterly Treatment

This regular treatment protects your property year round from pest problems that accompany different seasons - ants in the spring, wasps in summer, spiders in the fall, and mice looking for a warm place to nest in the winter.

I called all guard because my previous pest control was not helpful at all we’d always have spiders after they’d spray and they could not help us get rid of mice we had last fall. All guard has gotten rid of everything, and they’ve done it quickly. So happy to have found them and grateful for their help! Absolutely recommend them.

L. Payne


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